Winemaker Alex Russell

Alex Russell Wines (ARW) is directed by award-winning winemaker and viticulturist Alex Russell. With a wealth of experience in the industry, both locally and  internationally,  Alex’s motivation to create the best possible product have resulted in a diverse range of alternative wines.


Alex Russell Wines produce award-winning alternative varietal wines in South Australia's Riverland region. ARW focuses on interesting alternative varieties of grape that are often overlooked. Only the best fruit is selected, and then harvested at the optimum time to ensure the most robust colour and flavour. A unique production process means the wine receives the attention it deserves - the result is the best value premium quality wines available.



Alex Russell has been highly awarded for the production of Montepulciano, Lagrein, Vermentino, Tempranillo, Saperavi, Moscato, Graciano, Sauvignon and Durif wine varieties. Most recently, six wines from the Alejandro range were awarded medals at the 2015 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show.

Alejandro 2015 Lagrein: Gold
Alejandro 2015 Saperavi: Gold
Alejandro 2015 Vermentino: Silver
Alejandro 2015 Montepulciano: Silver
Alejandro 2015 Tempranillo: Silver
Alejandro 2015 Durif: Bronze

Previous awards:

2014 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
2014 Graciano Shiraz Tempranillo: Bronze
2014 VermentinoBronze
2014 Lagrein: Silver 
2013 Lagrein: Gold
2014 Montepulciano: Silver
2014 Montepulciano: Bronze
2014 Alejandro Montepulciano: Gold

2013 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
2012 Graciano: Silver
2012 SaperaviBronze
2012 TempranilloBronze
2013 VermentinoBronze
2013 Lagrein: Silver
2013 Montepulciano: Silver
2013 Moscato: Bronze
2013 Saperavi: Gold

2012 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
2011 Montepulciano: Gold
2012 Montepulciano: Gold
2012 Lagrein: Gold and trophy for best Italian Varietal
2012 Graciano: Silver
2012 SaperaviBronze
2012 VermentinoBronze
2012 SavignanBronze
2012 Lagrein OrganicGold and trophy for best Organic Varietal

2011 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
2010 Lagrein: Gold
2010 Durif: Bronze
2010 Montepulciano: Bronze
2011 VermentinoGold

2010 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show
2010 Lagrein: Bronze
2010 Montepulciano: Bronze